Thursday, November 3, 2011


While in port, a poem appeared on the white board outside the chief scientist's office. We were able to discover who left this "anonymous" masterpiece: our Raytheon Special Projects Manager, John Evans, who admitted that his inspiration had origins in a more famous poem. Do you know the original poem? Here is the "salpy" version:


I think that I shall never see
A salp as lovely as a tree
In fact – as best I can recall –
I’ve seldom seen a salp at all!

I’ve plowed the seas from west to east,
In search of this elusive beast.
A beast of cunning, craft, and guile
With habits gross, appearance vile.

A beast of loathsomeness unmatched
When found with amphipod attached
O salp! O creature least divine!
You’re nothing but transparent slime.

And yet I seek thee all the while
Here in thy salpy domiciles
How is it that I search for thee?
What secrets might thou share with me?

And may those secrets be descried
Immersed in glutaraldehyde?
How is it that our lives entwine?
What links thy destiny with mine?

And tho’ I’ve searched for thee in vain
I have no wish to cause thee pain.
So e’re we part, I’ll simply say
Have a happy, salpy day!

By John Evans
Special Projects Coordinator
Raytheon Polar Services Co.

With apologies to a more famous poet!

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  1. Great poem!! This could be a prologue to Paola's thesis! -NJC